Blender Workshop on April 22, 2018

Want to get started in 3D modeling, but don't know how? Come to our Introductory Blender workshop on Sunday, April 22.

You will learn how to setup Blender for efficient 3D modeling, different tools for manipulating 3D objects, and best practices for different types of modeling such as organic modeling, props, and hard-surface modeling. The class will include tutorials lead by the instructor as well as open time for assistance with any personal projects. No prior experience necessary, just a passion for creating and learning with free open-source software.

Bring your own computer and learn how to install Blender or use on of our ours (limited quantity available).

The workshop will be taught by Rafel Loveszy. Rafael has been using open-source software for over 10 years in AV production, 2D, and 3D design projects, and had a brief stint as instructor and R&D person for a small animation studio in NYC. Nowadays he spends his free time combining his passion for cycling, computer aided product design, and 3D printing by creating new and innovative tools and accessories for fellow cyclists.

Groups audience: 


Apr 18, 2018

Want to get started in 3D modeling, but don't know how? Come to our Introductory Blender workshop on Sunday, April 22.

Makers at Amherst Media Logo
Dec 7, 2015

At 2:30pm on Monday December 14, 2015, Makers at Amherst Media will hold public presentations of work by Makerspace members during the Fall. Presentations will include UMass Open Science students as well as participants of the weekly open drop-in session. We invite you to join us to see what we've been working on!

Ron Fortunato at Amherst Media
Sep 22, 2015

Makers @ Amherst Media recently hosted Ron Fortunato, president of Trillium Learning and a NASA Space Ambassador for the United States, in our studios. He gave a presentation on a teaching program he calls "A World Bridge" where teams of students take on team-based learning, flipped, service learning, problem-centered projects that involve "open science" and "making." 

We are currently showing the video on channel 15 and it is available to stream on our website as part of the ongoing Makers @ Amherst Media series.

Jul 2, 2015

Makers @ Amherst Media (M@AM) was invited to help kick off the "National Week of Making" on June 12th and 13th at the National Makerfaire in Washington, D.C., Christine Olson, a doctoral student of communication at UMass, Liz Pongratz, an alumna of UMass' class of 2015, and Jim Lescault, director of Amherst Media, spent Friday and Saturday at the Makerfaire discussing the evolution of M@AM with visitors from throughout the country.

Electronic Quilt
Jun 11, 2015

Christine Olson represented Makers at Amherst Media at Hack for Western Mass on June 6 and 7. This annual event, a celebration of the National Day of Civic Hacking, brings technologists together with community partners to solve local problems. During the hackathon, people organize into teams and build websites, apps, and other technology projects to support local non-profits. In addition, the hackathon includes a "Youth Hackathon" with demos in Scratch, Minecraft, and our Makerspace.