Black Lives Matter

Amherst Media stands firmly in support with the Black Lives Matter movement, to end police, and all violence against Black people. We deplore all forms of racism and stand in solidarity with all those who work to eradicate institutionalized and systemic racism.

Our mission stays consistent, to provide a venue for the voices of those with limited or no access to media, and to provide an opportunity to have their voices heard and amplified.  We are here to provide opportunities for civic engagement through the open and free expression of opinions, perspectives and creativity for all people.  

The events that have transpired since the killing of George Floyd, the latest in a long list that includes, Breonna Taylor, Dreasjon “Sean” Reed, Ahmaud Arbery, and David McAtee as well as the pandemic death toll which unevenly ravages communities of color, coupled with 40 million unemployed workers, leads us all to ask-- when will we start building the new and fully inclusive institutions and systems that truly respect and serve all of the residents of this country equally?  

We commend all those who have publicly shown their support and outrage, and now we must see actual proposals, local, regional, state-wide and national, that address the long-standing inequalities in this country. Those inequities are present in education, housing, job force, medical care, incarceration rates and the justice system ,and access to capital and positions on boards of corporations and institutions.  

Amherst Media will continue to help create opportunities for people to speak and be heard.  We encourage those with ideas and proposals to come forth and present them to the community.  Our elected and civic community leaders in positions of power need to actively listen and create the new institutions and corresponding policies that address existing inequalities.  

Rhetoric isn’t needed now, but rather dramatic change through the creation and implementation of institutions that will dismantle inherent structural and systemic racism. Only then will we be able to begin to build a nation of which we can be proud.