BGreen: Dr. Leda Cooks & Deborah Habib

BGreen: Dr. Leda Cooks & Deborah Habib

BGreen: Dr. Leda Cooks & Deborah Habib
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Fadia Hasan talks with Dr. Leda Cooks, Professor of Communication at UMass, and Deborah Habib, Executive Director of Seeds of Solidarity, to talk about Food Justice, Critical Pedagogy and Local Action.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

BGreen With Fadia Hasan

The central idea for the collaborative BGreen Media Literacy Project is to develop a multi-format television show that brings together academics and activists from around the world in showcasing their action projects on the ground that are geared towards social justice, community participatory mobilizing and sustained social change. The show will feature interviews with professionals and youth engaging in critical discussions on weekly action themes and feature special projects from around the world that are working on relevant topics that are under-represented in the media. This is the critical media literacy component of The BGreen Project.
A multi-media platform such as the BGreen Media Literacy Project has the potential of connecting local projects with a global audience, generating dialogue and communication, creating connections and fostering partnerships among various grass-roots social justice projects from around the world. BGreen is proud to be partnering with Communication for Sustainable Social Change and Amherst Media for this project. All the episodes have been filmed in our partner, Amherst Media's studio in Amherst, MA, USA.