Ari Hayes, Former Director of Productions and Interns

For the past two years, Ari Hayes served as Director of Productions and Interns for Amherst Media. He has moved on to pursue a number of personal projects and will be missed both around the station and the town at large.

The extended Amherst Media community would like to thank Ari Hayes for his dedication to professionalism and responsiveness to the community’s requests for training and coverage of events. Whether it was working with community members or our Five College interns, Ari helped to increase the level of our production quality, bringing his own unique style and creativity to the tasks at hand. 

Below is an example of Ari’s talent via a short info-documentary produced for the Amherst Regional Schools regarding the current conditions of the Wildwood School facility.

We are sorry to see him leave, but are sure we will be hearing about Ari’s film career and look forward to viewing his future work.