Announcing The Collective

Over the last few months, Amherst Media interns, volunteers, and staffers have been ramping up efforts to launch The Collective, a new multi-media publication. Writers, photographers, videographers and podcasters have been putting together pieces that are becoming part of a new look for Amherst Media.

Communications intern Carson McGrath headlined our efforts to stave off the city's attempt to put Amherst Media's contract out to bid through an RFP with her story, Public Access, Democracy on Demand and the Amherst Media Contract Dispute. She recently completed a look at both sides of the Amherst School debate in the lead up to the March 28th referendum. Carson is currently hard at work on a piece about Amherst attorney and activist John Bonifaz’s efforts to introduce articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump for corruption.

Jeffrey Martin, another UMass intern and our cinema critic, started off strong with a review of "Logan" the latest in the ‘Wolverine’ series featuring Hugh Jackman. He followed that up with a look at "Ghost in the Shell", the beautifully rendered box office bomb starring Scarlett Johansson.

Grace Perry, a longtime production intern from UMass, produced, shot and edited Best Buddies Pageant showcasing a program which brings members of the community together with people with intellectual and development disabilities in a talent show.

Amherst Media staffer Jody Jenkins recently reviewed "The Hiding Game" a children’s book by Hampshire graduate Gwen Strauss about a group in Southern France led by an American that helped persecuted artists, intellectuals and jews escape the Nazis. He also wrote a review of Calico Blue, a Pioneer Valley band making a name for itself in the wider music world and gave a mini concert in the Amherst Media studios.

Amherst resident Danny Torres launched “American Chaos,” a podcast looking at the perverse side of American politics. In the coming weeks and months we’ll be working to build our offerings with insightful news features, film reviews, artist profiles, studio concerts, short documentaries and more.