Amherst School Committee Listening Sessions

The Amherst School committee is hosting community listening sessions on Aug 8th and Sept 14 6PM to gather input from the members of the community about the Fort River feasability study, the School Building Committee process and other elementary school building issues.

In order to allow more time to have community hearings over the decision whether or not to construct a new school building committee for the Fort River School site on South End Street, and to merge Wildwood and Fort River Elemantary schools together, the School Community voted to delay this decision.

The town encourages community members to come to these listening sessions in August and September to voice any concerns over the infrastructure woes and borrowing large sums of money to fund this school merge. Share your ideas of the about membership, public engagement and ask questions! 

Listening Session 1- Tuesday August 8th 6PM, Amherst Town Hall, Town Room
Listening Session 2- Thursday September 14 6PM, Location TBD