Amherst School Committee 6-20-17

Amherst School Committee 6-20-17

Amherst School Committee 6-20-17

MEETING TIME: 6:00 pm. LOCATION: ARHS, Library. LIST OF TOPICS: Approve Minutes—June 14, 2017; Announcements and Public Comments; Interim Superintendent’s Update; Wildwood Infrastructure; School Building Committee Composition (Fort River)--Potential Motion: Move to delay the decision on the composition of a School Building Committee until late September, in order to give the community a chance to provide further input on the topic through public hearings and other means. Barring unforeseen conflicts, these public hearings will be scheduled for early August and early September; Charter Commission Position on School Committee Term Length; Approve Policy JQA: Food Services Collections; Summer/Fall School Committee Planning; Accept Gifts; Adjourn.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Amherst School Committee

The Amherst School Committee is responsible for the operations of the elementary schools, Pre-K to 6, which serve students from the Town of Amherst. These schools include Crocker Farm, Fort River, Marks Meadow, and Wildwood.