Amherst Planning Board: 9-17-14



If the video isn't available, it is likely still processing. Please check back in a few hours. LIST OF TOPICS: Minutes; Pub Hrg Zon'g Amend 6:05PM A-01-15 Inclusionary Zoning (Plan Bd) To see if Town will amend Art 4, Devel Methods, Art 12, Defin, Article 15, Incl Zon'g, of Zon'g Bylaw to expand residential uses & developments required to provide affordable housing, increase rate, simplify bonuses, create regs, re-organize provisions & other related changes; 7:00PM Cont'd Pub Hrg Def Sub Plan for Cluster SUB2014-02 Retreat at Amherst Request withdrawal without prejudice for Def Sub Plan application; Zoning ZSC Rep't, Pub Hrg & Outreach Sched, Pub Comment; Old Bus Sign Decisions SPR2014-19 Archi Invest Olympia Place 57 Olympia Dr, SPR2014-20 Survival Center 138 Sunderland Rd, SPR2015-02 Emily Dickinson Museum 280 Main St; New Bus topics not anticipated; Form A apps; Upcoming ZBA/SPR/SPP/SUB apps; Plan Bd Committee & Liaison Rep'ts; Rep't of Chair & Staff

Production Date: 
Wednesday, September 17, 2014