Amherst Planning Board: 3-4-15



LIST OF TOPICS: Minutes; Pub Hr'g Zon'g Amend's 7:05PM A-06-15 Municipal Pk'g Dist Amend (Petition) To amend Sect 7.43, 7.91 of Zon'g Bylaw to remove exist exemption, require provision of pk'g spaces for multi-unit res uses in MP Dist & remove ability of permit granting bodies to modify pk'g req'ts for res uses in MP Dist; 7:30PM A-07-15 Mixed-use Bld'g Amend (Petition) To amend Sect 3.325, Mixed-use Bld'g to add Spec Permit to Site Plan Rev permit requirement for mixed-use bld'gs in B-G, B-L, B-VC, B-N & COM Dist, to add stds & cond for mixed-use bldg's, create requirem'ts for mixed-use bld'gs in B-G Dist, prohibit res uses on ground floor, require min 40% retail or com use in mixed-use bldg's, 8:00PM Inclusionary Zon'g (Plan Bd) cont'd pub hrg; ZSC Rep't & pub comment; Sign of Decision 510 No Pleasant St, Topics not anticipated, ANR/ZBA/SPP/SPR/SUB apps, Plan Bd Com Rep'ts, Rep't of Chair & Staff

Production Date: 
Wednesday, March 4, 2015