Amherst Planning Board: 2-4-15



TOPICS: Minutes; Public Hrg - Zon'g Amendm't 7:05PM A-04-15 Inclusionary Zon'g (Plan Bd) to see if town will amend Art 4, Developm't Methods, Art 12, Def & Art 15, Inclusionary Zon'g of Zon'g Bylaw to alter definitions for afford hsg, expand res uses & developm'ts required to provide it, alter rates at which it shall be provided, simplify res density bonuses, create regs specific to categories of zon'g districts & types of res develop, re-org inclusionary provision of the Bylaw, other related changes; Pub Hrg Site Plan Review 7:30PM SPR2015-09 Sigrid Miller Pollin 418 N Pleasant St (cont'd from 12/3/14, 1/21/15, request continuance to date after 2/12/15); Zoning ZSC Report & Public Comment; Old Business Sign Decision SPR2015-03 Archipelago Investm'ts One E Pleasant St; SPR2015-04 First Baptist Ch 434 N Pleasant St Review revised plan; topics not anticipated; Form A apps; Upcoming ZBA/SPP/SPR/SUB apps; Plan Bd Comm/Liaison Rep's

Production Date: 
Wednesday, February 4, 2015