Amherst Planning Board: 2-18-15



TOPICS: Minutes; Pub Hrg Zon'g Amend's 7:05PM A-05-15 Butterfield Terr Rezon. (Petition Alpert et al) amend Official Zon'g Map to ch. designation of parcels 11A-66, 11A-67, 11A-71 & 11A-72 from R-N to R-G; 7:30PM A-04-15 (cont'd hrg) Inclusionary Zon'g (Plan Bd) amend Art 4, Dev Meth, Art 12, Def, Art 15, Incl Zon'g of Zon'g Bylaw to alter def for afford hsg, expand res uses & dev req'd to provide afford hsg, alter rates, simplify bonuses, create regs, reorg inclus provisions & other related changes; Pub Hrg Site Plan Review 8:00PM SPR2015-09 Sigrid Miller Pollin for Crotty Hall 418 No Pleasant St (cont'd pub hrg) Request SPR approval to construct office bldg for non-profit Research Support Fund, includ'g site improvem'ts; Zoning ZSC Report & public comment; Old Bus Topics not anticipated; New Bus Transp Plan Draft Exist Cond; Upcoming ANR/ZBA/SPP/SPR/SUB apps; Plan Bd Rep'ts; Rep't of Chair/Staff

Production Date: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015