Amherst Media Interns Attend Boston Fashion Week Event


The show, organized in part by Synergy Events, was a lively affair that attracted an immense audience. Attendees could meet with designers, purchase items shown on the runway, and even get a free mini makeover at their beauty bar or snack samples from emerging product lines! The shows were at 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm with several short intermissions. With second row seats, we (the interns) were able to get an up-close and personal viewing of the different pieces shown by the various designers.

Emerging Trends places specific emphasis on giving new and upcoming designers industry exposure while also premiering upcoming trends in fashion. The theme for these shows focused greatly around technology and highlighted innovative designs that ranged from ready-to-wear to abstract styles.

Each designer featured extraordinary items, including functional corsets, chic suit jackets, and scintillating evening gowns. NuVu, in particular, presented one of the most exciting shows. Housed in Cambridge at MIT, the NuVu design school “capitalizes on the immense resources of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University to focus on hands-on problem solving, encourage an inventive culture, promote peer teaching and learning, and cultivate students’ curiosity.” Using a range of materials (including wood and 3D printing), NuVu design students were able to create fantastical works of fashion that astounded audience members. The students were assisted by several coaches and worked through a variety of issues associated with innovative designs. As NuVu Art Director Amro Arida described, one of the headdresses presented in the show took “four prototypes and many hours” to successfully complete. With their creative approaches to bridging the gap between technology and fashion, NuVu’s show was certainly a force to be reckoned with!

The Emerging Trends show concluded with a presentation by MIT Open Style Lab, which has been working on inventive fashions for people with physical disabilities. The Lab featured a team of occupational therapists, engineers, and designers who worked together to create wearable, versatile clothing to accommodate for the individual disabilities. For instance, the team designed a hoodie for a young man who was wheelchair bound and unable to put on a jacket quickly enough to deal with the fickle nature of New England weather. Through the interdisciplinary work of the Open Style Lab, the fusion of technology and fashion will hopefully provide the disabled access to fashionable clothes while improving their daily lives.

We had a great time at the show and found the connections between fashion, innovation, and creativity to be quite striking. Check out our photos from the show and visit to learn more about the event!

Photo credit: Samantha Saner and Matthew Dugan


Corsets by Taylor Lane Designs


Headpiece by NuVu

Design by NuVu


Design by NuVu


NuVu Art Director, Amro Arida, with models


MIT Open Style Lab Presentation