Amenity Changes at Amherst Media

In an effort to comply with CDC regulations and recommendations regarding the COVID-19 virus, there will be changes in the use of our overall amenities.

  • All members and non-members must read through these these safety guidelines, and sign off that they understand and will comply with them prior to utilizing this facility and it’s amenities.
  • We urge staff, members, Board of Directors and their guests to stay home if you are feeling unwell, symptomatic, or have a fever in order to protect others who utilize the space.
  • We ask that all people entering Amherst Media wash or sanitize their hands upon entering, and often while utilizing the space (hand sanitizer will be made available)
  • Masks are required in common areas such as the bathrooms and lobby, conference room, hallway and are recommended throughout your time at the facility.  However, if you are in an enclosed area such as a conference room or at your dedicated editing desk properly socially distant, you may remove your mask at your own discretion.
  •  We will be offering filtered water for all.
  • Bathroom access is limited to the bathroom marked with an A.
  • We have removed a number of seats throughout the various rooms in our facility to ensure proper social distancing.  Each room has a capacity that ensures proper social distance.
  • We have adopted a more rigorous cleaning policy, and common surfaces and areas will be sanitized multiple times throughout the week to minimize the spread of germs.  We are also asking those utilizing the space to play an active role in minimizing the spread of their germs by wiping down surfaces after they use them. Paper towels and disinfectant spray will be provided and available in each room.



Starting July 20, 2020, Amherst Media will be open for limited hours for editing and studio use by members.


Editing desks will be available to member producers from 1:00- 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday.


  • You must make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance, no walk-ins.
  • Reservations should be made by email,
  • Only two editing desks will be available, and only one person may work at each desk


The studio and control room will be available Monday- Friday by reservations only.


  • You must schedule a week in advance
  • 24 hour is required for cancellation
  • No more than 2 people at a time in the control room.
  • Only one guest is allowed for each shoot
  • Host and guest must remain six feet apart during filming. They are not required to wear masks during filming, but they must wear them before and after
  • Small Studio is allowable for solo show
  • Back room is limited to host and one guest


Equipment pick-up and checkout will now be 1:00-5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.


  • Members must call ahead or email to reserve the equipment
  • Members must let staff know when they will be at the station for pick-up
  • Equipment will be waiting inside inner door, ring bell, once door is open member, must be wearing a mask, can pick-up and confirm all signed out equipment is present .  Sign-out form will be there for checking and signing.
  • Return time for equipment must be upheld by members


Field Production


  • Please call well in advance of your shoot to ensure that equipment will be available.
  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Remain 6 feet from all participants
  • Wear gloves or bring hand sanitizer
  • Use camera mounted condenser, or handheld (producer). If a table top mic is necessary use the short boom.
  • Please get as much information regarding your shoot as possible so that staff can help you to be prepared.
  • If safety protocols are not being met then you should leave the production site.