5CollDH Series: Nick Montfort

Five College Digital Humanities: Nick Montfort

Five College Digital Humanities: Nick Montfort

Five College Digital Humanities is thrilled to host Nick Montfort, a poet and programmer who teaches at MIT, for a talk in our 2015 – 2016 Speaker Series, "Reality Would Have To Begin: Speculative Computing & World-Making." In his talk, Montfort will explain some of the particular challenges of translating computational literature and how this effort strives to correct the view of many in the English-language community, who usually see only English-language activity and imagine that this is the limit of computing.

Production Date: 
Thursday, November 5, 2015

5CollDH Lecture Series

Each year the Five College Digital Humanities Lecture Series brings scholars and artists to the Five COlleges to share cutting-edge research on the intersections of digital technologies and the humanities. These talks, which are free and open to the Five College community, are and opportunity for faculty, staff, and students alike to come together and hear from some of the most influential voices working in the digital humanities today.

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