2014 Jean Haggerty Award: Judy Brooks

2014 Jean Haggerty Award: Judy Brooks

2014 Jean Haggerty Award: Judy Brooks

MA State Representative Ellen Story presents Judy Brooks with the 2014 Jean Haggerty Award at Amherst Media's annual meeting on October 22, 2014.

Production Date: 
Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jean Haggerty Award

The Jean Haggerty Award for Community Service recognizes individuals who believe in and demonstrate the importance of community engagement to obtain social change. Jean Haggerty was a producer and board member of ACTV and overall community activist for many years in Amherst. This award is in honor of Jean’s lifetime dedication to community betterment and advocacy towards free speech for those without a voice.

Previous winners include:

  • 2010: Isaac Ben Ezra
  • 2011: Cynthia Brubaker
  • 2012: Ed Severance
  • 2013: Founders of Student News: Joshua Wolsun, Jessie Chasan-Taber, Charles Brewer & Graham Churchill.
  • 2014: Judy Brooks
  • 2015: Jerry Gates
  • 2016: Ellen Story
  • 2017: Rotary Club of Amherst
  • 2018: Amherst League of Women Voters
  • 2019: Pat Ononibaku