Board of Directors

Amherst Media has bylaws and a Board of Directors. We maintain a calendar of board and committee meetings. Regular meetings are on the first Thursday of each month at 5:30pm, but please check the calendar for changes. The meetings, located at Amherst Media, are open to the public with a public comment period at the start of the meeting.


Executive Committee:

Demetria Rougeaux Shabazz – President, Member elected October, 2016 term expires October 2019
Vira Douangmany Cage - Vice-President, Board appointed
Ed Severance  - Treasurer, Member elected October 2014, expires October 2017

Board Members: 

Andrea Battle - Member elected 2018, term expires October 2019
Jacqueline Faison - Board appointed March 2018, term expires March 2021
Marisa Parham - Five College appointed March 2018, term expires March 2021
Patrice Wilson - Member elected October 2017, term expires October 2020