Intern Spotlight (2022)

Discover what's possible when you take advantage of the resources at Amherst Media.

We are so proud to share the accomplishments of the many interns that get to work with us. Anything is possible when you use the resources Amherst Media has to offer.

Here's two past Amherst Media interns who, after graduating, picked up where they left off after anchoring and directing the productions for the Amherst Weekly Report.


Rae Whitley


UMass, BA in Communication, TV and Film Production

Interned 2021-2022

Rae Whitley is a Production Assistant and Camera Operator at WWLP 22News in Springfield. She studied video production at the University of Massachusetts and interned as a Production Intern at Amherst Media, where she was quick to move into the role of Director of the weekly news program, 'The Amherst Weekly Report'. Rae's cinematography and leadership skills have helped her move into positions at various video production companies, and she is sure to move onto even greater ventures.


Karan Chaudhary

National Public Radio (NPR)

UMass, BA in Journalism

Interned 2022

Karan Chaudhary is a Morning Edition and Content Operations Intern at NPR, where he has already begun creating content and sharing his stories with the nation. Karan worked as a News Anchor and News Writer intern for Amherst Media, both at the studio desk and in the field, before he took his charismatic delivery and story-telling prowess to a national stage and beyond.

You can listen to his first story here:



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