'Classic Arts Showcase' Returns

We are proud to announce that one of Amherst Media's most beloved and watched series is back!

Classic Arts Showcase was the vision of founder Lloyd E. Rigler. It was his lifelong love of the performing arts - and his concern that the majority of Americans are rarely exposed to the world’s greatest performances - that inspired this vision.

After tracking ticket sales of live performances for decades, Rigler found arts organizations were performing to more empty seats every year, selling fewer tickets and charging more for them.  With current audiences aging, and little or no arts exposure in homes and schools to build new audiences, Rigler sought to foster a wider appreciation of the classical arts nationwide through television.

Classic Arts Showcase was launched on May 3, 1994, offering a not for profit 24 hour satellite programming services free of charge to local public service channels, and both cable and broadcast stations. Today it is available in more than 50 million homes. At a time when most offerings on television consist of “reality” shows, grisly crime dramas, sitcoms and “infotainment,” Classic Arts Showcase presents the greatest recorded performances of all time at no cost to the viewer, and without commercial interruptions

You can watch this program every day on Channel 12 at 6am, and Channel 15 at 5pm starting June 24th. 
Source: https://www.classicartsshowcase.org/