About Amherst Media

Amherst Media was founded as the Center of Community Access Television (CCATV) in 1976, became Amherst Community Television (ACTV) in 1989, and is now known as Amherst Media.

Since 1976, Amherst Media has been a dynamic, community-driven communication and technology center in Amherst, MA, making it the oldest, continuously-operating nonprofit, Cable Access Center in the country.

While providing the Amherst community with traditional Public, Education, and Government (PEG) Access, Amherst Media has led the way in introducing new media technologies through trainings and opening its venues to non-traditional media entities and ventures. This allows citizens to be active participants, producers, and savvy consumers of information.

Amherst Media is dedicated to closing the digital divide and providing opportunities for everyone to experience the precious commodity known as "Free Speech". Amherst Media ensures that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the ever-growing us of media and technology as a means of discourse in our world. Emerging media and the evolving use of technology and digital content enhance all facets of our lives, from work to play, and from learning to community service.

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Building a New Home

We need your financial support so we can realize our goal. Our vision is to create a new resource for the Amherst community: a hub for civil dialogue, a bastion for free speech, and a catalyst for economic development.

Amherst Media has provided community residents proper training to operate video equipment so they could produce their own programming. Emphasizing self-empowerment and collective endeavors, community members have provided a trough of archives capturing the politics, culture, and educational events and issues for more than four decades.

If free speech and independent media are issues that you firmly believe in, then please support Amherst Media in continuing to be the "Voice of the People". Your contribution will help us continue to serve our beloved community and remain a collective gathering place for democracy, government transparency, storytelling, and education.



  • Alexis Reed

    Director of Production, Intern Coordinator


    Ask me about:

    • How to plan a production
    • Getting trained on equipment
    • Live streaming and broadcasting
    • Editing with Premiere and Photoshop
    • Interning at Amherst Media


  • Yanna Ok



    Ask me about:

    • Airing a program or PSA on TV
    • Digitizing and Archiving
    • Using Social Media
    • Content Creation & Trends
    • Editing with Premiere


  • Jim Lescault

    Executive Director


    Ask me about:

    • Hiring Amherst Media to cover your event
    • Partnering with Amherst Media
    • How to support Amherst Media
    • Training for youths (12 to 17 years old)